American Wormseed- Epazote – Seeds

Common names include: Epazote / Mexican Tea/ Jesuit’s Tea American Wormseed, Fragrant Tiger Bones and Herba Sancti Mariae.
Mexican Tea is a very distinctive herb that is mostly used as a spice as it does give Mexican food that authentic taste.
Epazote grows to about 60cm in height, is nicely bushy, loves full sun and well drained soil and will cope with drying out a little if left unattended.
In cooler climates it can be treated as an annual but in Queensland and most of New South Wales it will live for several years. We have found that if Wormseed is grown in a normally fertilised garden situation, the aroma is quite pleasant and unique. Wildcrafted Epazote (as is commonly purchased) is much stronger in smell, probably a result of it’s reaction to impoverished soil.
Too strong for us. It self seeds very easily and can become a weed it not maintained, as will many herbs.
We use the leaves and young stems in cooking.
Very easy to strike and grow and will work well in pots.


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