Hippeastrum Collectors Bag

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Hippeastrum Collectors Bag – plus free (PDF) eBook Bag of 20 bulbs This year only.

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Collectors Bag – plus free (PDF) eBook

Start your Hippeastrum collection today with these little beauties.
They are year old side bulbs off named varieties from my collection.
This will give you the start you need to become an avid collector or indulge your existing condition!

You could multi-plant the bulbs into several different ornate pots and watch them grow.
When they flower, it will be a massive bunch of flowers that you can bring inside to enjoy.
They do just as well as cut flower too.

Colour scheme – Pastels to deep Red.
Please note: Bulbs are not tagged individually, they are simply a mix.

This year only.
Bag of 20 Bulbs

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