Long Pepper – Potted Cutting

Grown mainly for it’s medicinal use, Long Pepper is an extremely vigorous grower during summer and very generous with the production of peppercorns during this time.
Useful for lung problems, asthma and bronchitis.
As the Peppers needs to climb, it is best to provide ample support.
If you are south of Brisbane, you will need to bring the vine indoors during Winter, so a large pot would be in order.
As long as it gets enough water during winter it will survive without too much stress.
Potted Cutting

Long Pepper plants are not usually available until Summer.

Some plants are planted seasonally, as their nature demands.
These will therefore only be available while they last, as we try not to plant more than will survive in a condition appropriate to be mailed out with the greatest chance of survival.
If we are out of stock (especially annuals), we will not be planting until the time is right for the particular plant, once again.
This may be up to 8 months, depending on the plant.
It is best not to remove the plants from their tubestock pots until you actually see a growth spurt happening. This may take several weeks.


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