The Seeds are just the Beginning!

At Beautanicals, we are proud of the fact that we grow what we sell.
All seed is organically grown, bio-dynamically tended, garden hardened and open pollinated.
We grow the plants, harvest the seed, clean and winnow, and pack your order ourselves.

Even though we do supply some of Australia’s leading Retail Nurseries and Research facilities with seed, our main focus is on the home gardener wanting to grow the plants that can enhance their lives. We have been growing herbs for seed for decades now but only started selling online in 2006.
We are not open to the public, and we grow the herbs in gardens, not hothouses so that they are open pollinated by our own bees and climate hardened rather than artificially controlled.

We grow all of our crops on our Herb farm in the Noosa hinterland, Queensland, Australia.
We focus on heirloom varieties (pre-WW2) and absolutely no GMO crops are grown here or anywhere around us to interfere with nature’s natural process.
We sow every crop from the same seed that we sell to you.
The plants available in our Nursery are the result of our seed testing and are only available for short periods.

Information on vegetable seed germination with particular regard to temperature is charted on our info site here.