Growing Radium Weed

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Contrary to much published information, Radium weed will grow in full sun as well as part shade.
A shady area will produce a taller plant with softer branch tissue and a deeper green colour.
Full sun produces a sturdier plant, lighter in colour, often shorter and higher in sap content.
In most temperate climates it will grow throughout the year but does best in full summer if it is watered often.
The seed is best sown into loosly raked soil, covered lightly and then just left to germinate in it’s own time.
The plant reaches full maturity in 3 months, so buying a potted plant is not the best alternative as often ‘past’ it’s best time.
Always allow some plants to remain untouched to ensure that self seeding can occur.
The root system is fine and dense but not deep, so water frequently but not heavily.
Remember that the plants are always happier without too much attention.

In temperate climates, the plant will happily grow during all seasons, but in areas where cold winters and snow are common it can be grown under lights, indoors.
It will need at least 8 – 10 hours of light per day or it will become thin and ‘leggy’ thus producing too few branches to be of any great use.
Water well and often but allow the pot to drain well. They are not ‘bog plants’.
Radium weed thrives in slightly to very alkaline soil, and the sandier the better.
It does not need fertilizer but the ocassional seaweed emulsion will keep it happy.
As a weed, it enhances the soil, rather than consume as do most agri-crops.
Do not mulch the plant as this will cause weak stems and make it struggle.
Constant harvesting of the leaves will ensure a continual supply and will encourage the plant to spread.

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