April 2018

PinYin to Common Name List

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For ease of reference, the table below has been ordered alphabetically by pin yin name.PinYin is the official phonological system for transcribing the Mandarin pronunciations of Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet.Other names for the herbs are then easy to identify.I have made no reference… Read More »PinYin to Common Name List

Common Germination Problems.

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The most common causes of seeds not germinating are:1. Soil was too heavy (Clay).2. Soil was allowed to dry out. (Only once is enough to kill the emerging seed)3. Seeds were not given enough time to germinate before sower gave up. (Many seedshave slow or erratic germination.) The… Read More »Common Germination Problems.

Nano Gardening 1.01

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As space is at a premium and the gardens of city builds are smaller than ever, outdoor space now means balconies or, for the really determined, Community Gardens.Enter Nano Gardening. Nano gardening allows gardeners to not only plant up, but to plant in a very considered… Read More »Nano Gardening 1.01