Deciding what Vegetables to Plant

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This is a much more important decision than you would think on the surface.
Deciding what you can fit into the space that you have is important but the other considerations that you must include are value for money and nutritional value to you and your family.
Vegetable prices have been so erratic and unstable recently that it is almost anyone’s guess what next week will be like but here are some lists to help you decide.
Firstly here is a list in order of the ‘space’ occupied by the plant for the $ benefit derived.
1. Tomatoes
2. Rhubarb
3. Bunching onions
4. Leaf lettuce
5. Squash
6. Onion bulbs
7. Asparagus
8. Podded peas
9. Beans
10. Carrots
11. Capsicum
12. Kohl rabi
13. Chard
14. Mustard Greens
15. Spinach
You will notice that I have omitted potatoes, Brassicas, celery, corn, squash and melons because the space they consume for the produce derived is only worth it if you have space to waste which very few people do.
Secondly, the nutritional value, including fibre of the vegetables that you plant is profoundly important.
Here is another list of ‘nutritional value for space occupied:
1. Ceylon Spinach
2. Lablab beans
3. Peas
4. Spinach
5. Sweet potatoes
6. Kale
7. Mustard greens
8. Chinese Mini Cabbage
9. Cos Lettuce
10. Perpetual Spinach
11. Amaranth
12. Swiss chard
13. Tomatoes
14. Corn
15. Yam Bean
16. Potatoes
17. Carrots
18. Asparagus
19. Aubergine
20. Onion & Radish

Now, you need to think about what you actually ‘like’ to eat and then your decision is ‘good to grow’.

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