April 2021

Less Water Can Be A Blessing

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A knowledgable colleague pointed out to me recently that many summer and autumn flowering plants require a period of dry weather before they flower well in the warm season. The list includes frangipani, plumbago (below), bougainvillea, adenium and crown of thorns. That’s why these plants… Read More »Less Water Can Be A Blessing

Potted Plants

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The easy way to pot a plant As more people are living in apartments and town houses, garden sizes are becoming smaller. Pots allow those without a plot of soil to enjoy the pleasure and company of plants but even people with traditional gardens cannot… Read More »Potted Plants

Compost at Home

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There’s more to composting than just tossing bits of unwanted food in a bin every now and again.Yes, it is eco-friendly, yes, it is natural and yes, it can help your garden enormously, but only if you remember a few things. When you start don’t… Read More »Compost at Home