About Hippeastrums

As I prefer to develop large, healthy bulb stocks, I like to ‘spell’ my bulbs every second season.
Selling Season usually starts in June and continues until either ‘sold out’ or ‘starting to shoot flowers’, which usually happens around late August to September each year.

Smaller bulbs are often available at most times during the year as they have not settled into a seasonal dormancy yet.

Therefore, what ‘is’ available this season is listed in the shop for your purchase.
No amount of emails, phonecalls or sobbing will convince me to disturb the natural balance in my gardens, and I am resolute in this matter.

The varieties detailed on the website are those which may or may not become available in future seasons, but as soon as they are available, they will be listed here for sale.

Please Note: Bulbs can not be posted to Tasmania, Western Australia or Overseas.