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What type of Gardener are you?

The Late Bloomer
This group of Australians are the children of the ‘Baby Boomers’ who grew up with a whole new set of mixed messages.
Often they have always seen gardening as something their grandparents did and their parents ridiculed so that they never actually had gardening skills passed on to them in a natural way.
As they get older they are starting to show an interest but are often not confident and are very easily confused by clever marketing techiniques.
The more experience and success they have will bring that confidence into their lives and they will soon find themselves digging up that paving to ‘plant out.’

The Connected Gardener
These guys are real trendsetters in every way.
History has not shown us a gardening generation like these millenials since BCE when this type of gardening first appeared.
As gardening has been moved into the same category as ‘self improvement’ it has given them a means to display their success to their peers.
Often in rental or highly urban environments where space is a premium they have embraced the ‘garden indoors’ as a valued means of expression.
From my point of view, these gardeners have encouraged me to consider the extra environment of indoors as a healthy way to continue being ‘green’ inside and out.

The Mindful Gardener
This Gardener is often a mix of generations and is harder to define by age.
These are the gardeners who understand and embrace the advantages of ‘growing your own’ from the wholesome result to the tiny eco footprint that they are producing, themselves.
Generally, they have a great appreciation for insect and wildlife interaction in their environment as well as a natural distain for the slash, burn and poison approach to accepted farming over the last century.
While mostly pro organic they are not necessarily led astray by the lazy philosophies of ideas like permaculture and naturally understand through life experience, the principals of ‘plant husbandry’.
Often experimenting with Veganism and vegetarianism they have a good understanding of what things should taste like and look like and are not afraid to say so.
These gardeners often have a plot at home or on an allotment and are not afraid to put in the time or the resources necessary to achieve their desired result.

The Entertainer
These gardeners have been strongly influenced by popular architectural magazines over the last 30 years and still see the back yard as another room in the house.
Mostly suburban and occassionally the 1 acre block people they delight in the use of the backyard entertainment area as a means of impressing each other.
Whether intentionally or accidentally they actually have an impressive array of plants that they seriously appreciate from a structural point of view as part of the overall design effect.
The gem that lies hidden will reveal itself as they discover that many of the plants that they have carefully nurtured over the years are great food, medicine or spices.
Then, a whole new aspect of their ‘other room’ will show itself.

The Collector
This breed of gardener has always been in existence and will continue for millenia.
Through their careful selection and their narrow range of interest we have a better knowledge of where we have come from, agriculturally.
These gardeners can easily give you correctly pronounced bi-nomals and will provide their plants with exactly the correct environment in which to flourish.
They are picky about their chosen area of expertise and not easily convinced that they are sometimes wrong. Once convinced by well appointed argument they are very supportive.
These gardeners need to be edited together for the benefit of all.