Aarons’ Rod / Mullein (Cream Flower) – Seeds

It is a large, showy rosette of generous, elongated ovate leaves which are covered with a fine, fuzz.
This plant is a biennial.
The first year of it’s growth being limited to a rosette of leaves which, like Evening Primrose, seem to not make any progress at all, but then, in the second year, it pushes skyward, creating a spear of brilliant small cream to yellow flowers, which circle the spire, and bloom and alternately wither and become seed pods.
This process of blooming lasts nearly a month or sometimes a bit longer. Mullein is a prolific seed producer which makes it possible to use the seed as a remedy as well.
The use of the leaf as a tea is so quick and easy as a remedy for raspy or ‘tight’ cough that it is almost as convenient as just making a cuppa.
The leaf can be dried for later use as well.

50+ fresh seeds / Cream variety
Degree of difficulty in germination…..2/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult)


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