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Sesbania grandiflora

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Agati РSesbania grandiflora Р Sesbania grandiflorus or Agati grandiflora.

 Sesbania, Agati, Hummingbird tree or Scarlet Wisteria, is a native of the tropics, but will grow in most areas of Australia if it is protected during winter.
It is a light canopied, fast growing tree with edible leaves and flowers and as such satisfies the gardener and the gourmet.
When in flower, it is particularly showy.
Extremely good in Thai cooking.
It has a long history of medicinal use and is undergoing trials in the Netherlands as a cancer treatment.
It will tolerate pruning once established and can be quite easily maintained, requiring little or no fertilizing.
While it can withstand dryness once established, it prefers reasonably wet soil to settle.Pack of 7 seeds-