Agrimony Seed

Also known as Church Steeples and Sticklewort, is another ancient herb that comes with a very long list of uses and this crosses both western and eastern medicine.

As a garden plant it is very tough and will survive most gardeners in Australia.
It requires partial shade and, as it looks rather beautiful, both in and out of flower, it is very much a domestic plant.

Used primarily as an anti-inflammatory, it also makes a delightful apricot scented tea.
In Chinese medicine it is used to stop excessive menstrual flow.
Agrimony helps to clear heat and dry dampness.
When used internally or externally, it increases the level of trombocytes, thus improving coagulation.

As a Bach Flower Remedy, it is used for people who are inwardly tortured, yet hide it from others.
Its energetic is slightly bitter.
Its flower essence is for those who hide their troubles with a happy face and avoid all argument.

Topical uses are for bruises, diarrhoea, eye problems, haemorrhoids, hives, muscle soreness and sprains.


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