Amaranth (Tri-colour) – Seeds


Amaranth (Tri-colour) – Seeds – Amaranthus tricolour

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This wonderful herb serves so many different purposes that we have probably only scratched the surface after only a few seasons of planting.

As a garden plant it is stunning with it’s red and green foliage bursting from a sturdy upright stem.
It grows to almost 180 cm with a spread of 60-80 cm
The seed strikes quickly in a shadehouse and transplants well into the garden during late winter, spring to summer.
Nutritionally it is high in folic acid and oxalic acid, just like spinach and helps to get elimination happening in the bowels, stimulates milk flow in nursing mothers and generally makes life a little more tolerable during menstruation.
It is grown almost exclusively as a leaf vegetable but the seed is a high protein grain with a crunchy texture. It requires toasting and can be used in flour, dressings, cereal and as a bonus it can be popped.
Practically no gluten.
All in all, it is so very useful. Little or no cooking is required of the leaves and it does make a great soup. You can begin to use the plant as soon as it reaches 30 cm in height.

50 seeds per pack

Degree of difficulty in germination…..2/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult)