Arrowroot Tuber – Live Plant

Queensland Arrowroot (So called because of the powdered Arrowroot Industry that established in Queensland using the rhizome, similar to Macadamia’s being called Hawaiian Nut) does grow well across the country. Although not a native it will eventually establish itself into that niche eventually.

South of Byron Bay it grows more slowly and can get a little wind burnt over winter, but this is almost always a temporary thing.

The rhizomes will survive severe frost in winter but the tops will not. Much well at the end of Autumn.
Arrowroot grows to around 2 M in height and can provide a reasonable wind break or a clever disguise for an ugly fence.

The tubers are easy to prepare for food and are always best when young and not too purple.
Arrowroot can be baked and fried and added to soups and casseroles as a potato substitute.
The tubers can washed, cut, dried and then powered to create Arrowroot Flour which is a great digestive thickener.

Established rhizome, bare rooted.


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