Ashwagandha – Seeds

Aswagandha is an erect, many branched shrub with very tiny green to yellow flowers.
It grows well from hardwood cuttings which root quickly, or from seed.
Also known as Indian Ginseng seed is best planted in a cold frame during winter and set out in early spring. Seed planted in Summer can be slower to germinate.

Be careful not to keep the pots too wet as this can retard germination.
Berries are usually ready to begin to harvest in early summer but we have found that they continue to produce all the way through to late Autumn.
Traditional uses of Ashwagandha include fevers and inflammatory conditions.
We use this herb almost daily as a substitute for Ginseng which we find very difficult to grow here.
We find the berries useful after having a cold or flu as they seem to speed recovery.


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