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Asparagus – Rootstock Crowns –  Asparagus officinalis

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Because Asparagus helps to dissolve uric and oxalic acid in the body and thereby benefiting arthritic conditions as well as kidney related problems it is considered an important herb as well as a culinary delight.
Asparagus is also nourishing to the body and has been regarded as a ‘blood building’ tonic within many different cultures.
Most herbals recommend it to enhance the reproductive organs of both sexes and it has been used for centuries for this purpose, which may have led it’s reputation as an aphrodisiac.
These were potted seedlings from our seed, not crown divisions, but are now too large to stay potted..

These will therefore only be available while they last, as we try not to plant more than will survive in a condition appropriate to be mailed out with the greatest chance of survival.
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot send live plants outside Australia, to Western Australia or Tasmania.

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