Catnip – Seeds

Catnip is a lovely, short lived perennial and often cited as a border plant but our experience with it suggests that over one meter tall is not a boarder unless you have a very tall garden.
Used as a garnish in salads the leaves are rich in iron, calcium and changes the flavour of all your salads.

The tea was once used commonly before china tea became so popular.
Easy to strike, easy to grow and not at all demanding in the garden with the exception of spreading size. Flowers
An infusion of leaves and flowering tops of Catnip is great for the common cold by reducing the temperature. We have found that it has a mild sedative action which is generally pleasant.
Catnip’s attraction to the feline was not very evident to us initially, but after we had dried a crop, and the aroma spread through the room, our cat became quite intoxicated and highly amusing.


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