Ceylon Spinach (Red Stem) Seeds Basella alba

We were so pleased when we finally got a chance to grow this great little climber in the vegy garden. Called Ceylon Spinach because of it’s close similarity to spinach from a nutritional point of view, it is a summer vegetable.
We cannot grow spinach or chard through the summer months so this tasty climber fits our need with ease.
The seed of Ceylon Spinach is very viable and it sets it’s own seed very well in mid to late Spring.
Many recipes call for it cooked or steamed but as it looses so much volume when cooked and mainly because there is ‘no need to cook it’ we don’t.
We use Ceylon Spinach as a salad herb rather than a hot vegetable.
It can be grown throughout the year in most of Queensland but it needs to be grown as a summer annual in colder climates.
Red stemmed and green stemmed are available.


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