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Chaste Tree – Vitex agnus-castus

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Vitex – agnus is shrubby, deciduous, aromatic and gives a beautiful display of lilac flowers in Spring and summer.
As a garden plant Vitex-agnus is easy to grow and maintain, requiring little help except for the odd prune and a tidy up at the end of Autumn.
Vitex is the dried fruit or seed that has become popular culture in the health food stores because of it’s hormone like constituents that stimulate progesterone production in the body.
I have seen some references to it that call for it’s use as a pepper substitute but can only imagine that this has come from mis-reading it’s ancient history with the common term ‘Monk’s Pepper’ used to describe the herb.
We would never use it as a spice!
As a repressor of sexual desire in men it was gratefully accepted in the monasteries of Europe for several centuries.
Vitex-agnuss’ primary function as an herb is to help regulate periods and treat the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

30 fresh seeds
Degree of difficulty in germination…..9/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult)