Coffee Arabica – Potted Seedlings Bulk


Coffee Arabica – Potted Plant Coffea arabica

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2018 Bulk Seedlings have germinated and will be available from mid September 2018 in bulk units of 50 plants for $150 plus freight.
Email for an appropriate invoice.


Arabica coffee is a slender but bushy shrub.
We find it a joy to have in the garden, purely from a ‘gardening’ point of view.
By planting Coffee trees as an avenue along the driveway we are constantly greeted by their dark glossy leaves, fragrant flowers and green to orange, then red beautiful plump berries.
We are only just above sea level and the quality of the coffee is excellent, so I’m assuming that ‘altitude’ is more of an attitude than a necessity with this plant. Home processing notes are available on request.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot send live plants outside Australia, to Western Australia or Tasmania.

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