Colic Root Wild Yam

This herbaceous perennial can be grown in the garden, against the fence, up a trellis, or in a pot as needs be.
The tuberous rhizome of Wild Yam is the eventual prize and we usually take ours in late Autumn when the plant ‘closes down’ for winter.
It is truly, no problem in the garden with few pests and minimal requirements.
It does not like being waterlogged so the soil must be able to drain freely.
We have used the yam rhizome successfully, as an anti-inflammatory, for leg and menstrual cramps, as well as to treat Crohn’s Disease and rheumatism.

It seems to have particular affinity with the female metabolism and can be used during menopause and menses.
It dries well and keeps long term to be used as powder, sliver or tincture.
It flowers in Summer and produces what are commonly called ‘air potatoes’.
These are basically small tubers that will produce a complete plant and rhizome in one season.

1 x Potted Plant. Only available for a small window of time each year as they quickly become too large to stay in the nursery.


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