Deadly Nightshade – Belladonna – Seeds

Belladonna is a short lived perennial that really thrives in alkaline soils.
It is quite an ancient herb that has a bit of a mixed reputation, and is certainly one that requires very careful handling.
Growing it is delightful, as the shrub grows to around 1m tall with a proportionate spread and it flowers from early summer through to late Autumn. The flowers are followed by large berries, sitting in a star shaped calyx, and the berries mature from bright green to dark violet.

I would recommend very thorough research, if you ever planned to use the herb, as all parts are active and can be extremely toxic if misapplied.
Historically, it has been used for it’s narcotic and sedative effects, as well as for respiratory and rheumatic complaints and it’s folkloric use as a pupil dilator has been transcribed into modern surgical examination use.
Homeopathically, it has very profound uses in particular circumstances.


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