Dog Bane – Plant

Plectranthus caninus, has been marketed as a Coleus for many years but it’s closest relative is Plectranthus amboinicus, or Mother of All Herbs.
Dogbane is not a climber however but a spreading shrub, very much like mint on steroids.
It forms a pleasantly shaped domed shrub if allowed to take it’s own shape.
One single plant can easily occupy a 1m area and grow up to 60cm high.
While not that unpleasant to human noses, it does deter cats, dogs and Bandicoots from the immediate area when it is brushed or trodden on.
This does mean that certain areas of the garden can stay ‘out of bounds’ to the four legged gardeners.

Easy to grow, full sun to part shade, and best left alone, it will self control weeds.
It has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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