Elecampane – Seeds

Elecampane is an herbaceous perennial, that is quite easy to strike in every season but winter.
The fresh root, which is the main reason for growing the plant, is not usually ready for use until it’s second year.
Used generally for it’s antibacterial, anti fungal and expectorant properties, the root, quite distinctively perfumed is also gaining popularity as an inclusion in many patented remedies for the maintenance of a healthy bowel and digestive system, due to the copious presence of inulin.
The root has long been used as a tonic for horses and other domestic animals.
It’s large showy leaves are particularly pleasing in any Cottage or herb garden.
It prefers full sun, even in Australia.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Elecampane or ‘xuan fu hua’ is recommended for Asthma and Bronchitis where excessive phlegm is present.


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