Fennel is an old culinary classic.
This well known herb is mostly under used. Apart from it’s unique appeal as a cooking ingredient it has many other uses.
The seeds of mature fennel can be used to chew to allay hunger, but if you make an extract of the root and add it to the seeds it is so much more effective.
As a plant, Fennel is easy to germinate and grow.
It will do well in a pot as long as it’s gets enough light.
We gave the fresh young stalks to our teething children to chew on.
Fennel stalks are soft enough not to hurt the gums but fibrous enough to last a good session.
It soothed the irritated gums and calmed the upset stomach.

A cup of Fennel seed tea (slow brewed) aids constipation and helps to cleanse the skin indirectly.


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