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Marvel of Peru or Four O’clock Plant Seeds Mirabilis jalapa, Nyctaginaceae

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This beautiful herb has wonderful, fragrant, magenta flowers, which, as it’s common name suggest, only open from 4 in the afternoon. The seeds germinate very easily.
Simply place into good quality seed raising mix, not too deep, and cover very lightly. Place in a sunny but not too hot position for them to germinate.
We have found that they can be quite young when they are added to the garden.
Their viability is almost 100% and they are quick to germinate.
Plant in winter for a great spring show.
The root reduces inflammation and promotes circulation.
The leaves are edible but as yet we are not sure what advantages are to be had.
The only negative reference we have found to be aware of is that it is not safe to use during pregnancy but we are unclear as to why.

50 gm fresh seed