Ginger Plant


Ginger Plant Zingiber officinale | Zingiberaceae

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Ginger can be grown throughout most of Australia, either in the garden or potted for balcony’s. In the garden, it is an herbaceoous perennial that can be moved on during winter if you wish.
Just like Valerian and Comfrey, Ginger is a garden ‘conditioner’. It improves the quality of the soil and the population of soil bacteria, as well as being the best way to get the rhizome.
The young shoots and flowers are very delicious, and apart from helping to treat everything from Colds to Measles, the tubers are wonderful in curries and soups.
Ginger has been found to be even more effective than Dramamine in curbing motion sickness, without causing drowsiness.
Chew a piece of the fresh root to treat sore throats.
Ginger is an excellent herb to improve circulation to all parts of the body. It reduces blood platelet aggregation and inhibits the biochemical pathways associated with inflammation.

Potted plant in Summer.
We will no longer sell these plants out of season. Available only from November to May.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot send live plants outside Australia, to Western Australia or Tasmania.