Ginkgo Tree Potted

Also known as Maidenhair Tree, Yin Hsing , Bai Gou, and Pai Kuo, this is certainly a tree you can plant for your Great Grand kids. One of natures major survivors, it is very hard to kill and easy to maintain.

A deciduous tree that lends it’s bright green foliage to the garden all through Spring and Summer.
Leaves are harvested in Autumn as they start to turn yellow, because flavonoid content is highest at that point.
So you get to enjoy the tree through the warmer months and harvest when it’s finished. Very tidy.
It is considered the world’s oldest tree species and has a high resistance to disease, insects and pollution.

We have no way of knowing if the seedlings are male or female, but regardless of sex, the leaves are the most popular remedy.
Winter is not the best time to buy the potted plants if you need to see green leaves for reassurance of life.
It is, however, the best time to plant them with minimum side effects.

Potted Plant (Tubestock Pot Winter Dormant)


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