Gipsywort – Live Plant

Gipsywort is an attractive, foliage plant with small white understated flowers that will grow low and act almost as a groundcover if planted under trees in shade.
If it is allowed full sun it can reach to over one metre in height making a rather bold statement in the garden.
It is an herbaceous perennial.
We use the aerial parts, especially when in flower, as a nerve tonic as it has a fast sedative effect, especially in cases of high anxiety.

Potted Plant or rootstock, depending on time of year.

Some plants are planted seasonally, as their nature demands.
These will therefore only be available while they last, as we try not to plant more than will survive in a condition appropriate to be mailed out with the greatest chance of survival.
If we are out of stock (especially annuals), we will not be planting until the time is right for the particular plant, once again.
This may be up to 8 months, depending on the plant.


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