Greater Celandine – Seeds

Greater Celandine is one of those gorgeous little herbs that has such ‘mixed press’ it is difficult to know what to think about it until you try it.

Greater Celandine is listed as a bi-annual but it often lives on as a perennial in an hospitable garden.
It survives most winters and is lovely in partial shade under a tree that does not have a very dense canopy.
Greater Celandine has a pleasant compact shape, mid green foliage and happy little yellow flowers in early summer.

It self seeds but we have not found it invasive. Great for small gardens and rockeries.
The orange sap produced by Greater Celandine is fantastic for the removal of warts.
We have read many articles discussing the use of the sap and many claim that it is caustic but we have not found it so and have used it externally for many skin problems.
I guess personal caution should be used, as with any plant, until your own response can be gauged.

Homeopathically, Greater Celandine is widely used, as we do, for under-performing livers and gall bladders, when well indicated.


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