Herb Robert – Seeds

This wonderful little herb, Herb Robert, took us ages to accommodate properly in the garden.
We were so aware of Herb Robert’s importance to us as an
‘oxygen supplying’ herb that we became too careful trying to keep it happy,
and consistently lost it because of too much fussing.

Eventually, we got Herb Robert to grow and self seed abundantly by
planting it where nothing else would grow, under the Poinciana tree.
Sun in Winter, shade in Summer and copious amounts of mulch on the bed.
Now we have to admit that it does live up to it’s reputation as a great
companion plant because…..the bed where nothing would grow now
supports 30 different herbs.
We harvest it weekly and use it daily, all year round. Herb Robert is called an
annual or a bi-annual, but if you plant a patch, it refreshes itself season after season.
As a source of ‘organic germanium’ Herb Robert comes highly listed, as does Lycium chinense, Aloe and Comfrey.

We use it in combination with Aloe and Comfrey as a skin cream, and with Hawthorn berry and Lycium as a tonic

Degree of difficulty in germination…..2/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult) Seasonal


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