Hymenocallis littoralis Plants

Hymenocallis, part of the Amaryllidaceae family is a delight to grow and very easy to care for.

The bulb has many common names, so you can pretty much choose the one you like, ‘Beach Spider Lily’,’Spider Lily’, ‘Sacred Lily of the Incas’, ‘Peruvian Daffodil’,
‘Ismene’ and ‘Sea Daffodil’.

Hymenocallis littoralis is a vigorous evergreen species from Mexico and Guatemala.
This bulb requires a dry dormant period in autumn to flower regularly in summer.
Bulbs can be left in the ground to multiply for several years Clumps can form up to 1m wide in 4- 5 years
Mine flower profusly in Summer, after the Hippeastrums have finished, so the garden is never without flowers.
The perfume is sweet, but subtle. They do make excellent cut flowers, lasting for a couple of weeks in a vase, with regular water changes.
Grow in full sun or part shade in beds that are enriched with organic matter and must drain well.
Plant the bulbs deep enough to be covered by the earth. This feels wrong, I know, but they are not Hippeastrums and need to be covered completely.
Water in well and keep moist, but not wet.
The plants need to be fertiliser weekly during growing season and when flowering, with a seaweed or fish based emulsion.
They can adapt to all climates, but will not survive areas of Australia that receive heavy frosts.
They must be protected from snails and slugs too.
Please note that bulb size will vary, as I lift them only on ordering.


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