Immortality Vine or Xian cao Fresh leaf


Gynostemma pentaphyllum

All of our plant material, is grown here on our farm in the Mary Valley, Queensland, in a completely organic, pesticide & herbicide free manner, harvested by hand and dried and stored and packed on the premises.

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Our Gynostemma vines are harvested just after noon when the oil content is at it’s highest.
The leaf and stem are then shade dried and open stored as whole leaf.
To make it more convenient an space economical we have flaked the dry plant so that it ready for tea or tincture.
(Some crushing may occur during post but we try to minimize that possibility)
If you order Fresh Leaf, then we pick the leaves for your order 30-60 minutes before your order leaves here.
(Please remember to expect the parcel as, if it sits at the Post Office for a week it sure isn’t fresh any more.)


Note: Fresh Gynostemma Vine is only available seasonally, before flowering or after fruiting.