Japanese Mugwort Plants

Artemisia princeps
Yomogi is an extremely adaptable, perennial herb that will work it’s wonders in almost every type of soil, except very acidic, and is beautifully architectural in the garden.
It is unlike any of the other Artemisa’s and holds it’s beautiful shape and colour all through the year.
The scent is more refined than the other mugworts and wormwoods which is reflected in the number of Japanese recipes that include it.
Soups and salads and dumplings and cough syrup!
It does need full sun and some occasional deep watering but that is all that is requires.
After one year in the ground it is quite drought tolerant. In sandy or high loam soils, it can become invasive.
Japanese Mugwort also does will in potted situations.

Bare Root Cuttings


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