Kangaroo Apple Seeds

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Kangaroo Apple is an example of what the Australian environment can do to a member of the Solanacae family if it stays here long enough.
Originally from southern parts of Australia, it will happily colonise gardens in every State that we have tried.
Useful as an understory plant it will nevertheless grow in full sun if you water it weekly.
It can get quite bushy and will tolerate a wide range of soils.
It is very much like Sutherlandia in that it is very content to be a pioneer in disturbed or virgin soil that has nothing much to offer.
Yes, the fruit is edible but only after it has absolutely matured. Fully mature fruit is deep orange in colour.
Best to just lightly touch the fruit and if it falls off, it’s ready.
The fruit is very similar to Goji in it’s shape and colour but is much larger in size.
Green fruit is the chemical basis for a range of patented contraceptive drugs.


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