Leaf Ginseng Plant


Waterleaf / Leaf Ginseng /Plant Talinum triangulare, Portulacaceae

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This lovely, bright green foliaged plant with the pretty pink flowers is every gardeners delight.
In most warm climates it is perennial but in cooler areas it can easily be treated as an annual.
Talinum grows to about 60 cm in height and a similar spread.
Neat and tidy in the garden, especially if it is regularly harvested. it requires little care and is tolerant of some neglect.
In full sun it produces more abundant growth but will grow in more shaded areas when the leaves do become larger and a little darker.
The leaves can be harvested while the plant is still quite young and having a few plants, dotted around the yard can supply highly nutritous steaming greens for any family.

It will self seed, though not always where you thought it would as the tiny pods explode and scatter seed in mid summer.
Established potted cutting. (Rootstock pot/ Winter semi dormant)

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot send live plants outside Australia, to Western Australia or Tasmania.

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