Macadamia Nut (10 Large Seeds)

Macadamia trees are slow growing but can reach heights of 15m.
Their shiny dark green leaves can but a little tough and ‘prickly’ especially when dry but leaf fall is not really high.
Macadamia trees produce racemes of beautiful flower, delighting the local bee population, and these eventually turn into the mature nuts that we are all familiar with.

Macadamia’s are not difficult to grow and, if left alone, they do well by themselves.
They have the ability to adapt to quite poor soils and are generally known as being frost intolerant but the few frosts we have every winter do not seem to worry them at all.
Care is needed until they reach a height of 2m.

Fantastic Bee attractors.

As Australia’s most famous native species, it is fast becoming one of our biggest sellers.
Our varieties are 660 and 784.

Fresh seeds from each current harvest will  be aged correctly and the outer shell may show a natural ‘crack’.
This is perfect for fast germination.

Weakening the shell with a touch on a grinding tool will help speed things along.


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