Mother of Herbs – Plant


Mother of Herbs – Plant Mother of All Herbs, Coleus amboinicus syn. C. aromaticus, C. abroicus

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Mother of Herbs, Mother of All Herbs,Queen of Herbs, Five in One Herb, Five Seasons Herb, Allherb, Country Borage, Indian Borage, Five Spice Herb, Chinese Three in One, Broad Leafed Thyme, Spanish Thyme, Spanish Sage, Puerto Rican Oregano, Plectranthus amboinicus.
One of the all time easiest herbs to grow, this perennial climber from sub tropical Asia, has made itself quite at home throughout Australia.
We have not found anywhere yet that it will not grow, and as it such a useful herb, it is welcome everywhere.

As a culinery herb it does replace practically all of the dried herbs in your spice rack.
It can be added to stews, roasts and stir frys with just a little chopping.

As a tea, in the evening, especially when suffering with a head cold, it is pleasant and soothing tea, ensuring a calm nights’ sleep.