Native Yam – Potted Plant

Dioscorea transversa, Long yam, Pencil Yam, Gagawurli, Nimir, Jamburl , Gagawurli, Gakkawurin, are just a few of the ‘common names’ given to this plant.

A vagrant creeper, we have found it a challenge to cultivate in a way that allowed for continual harvest of the delicioud tuber and still maintain the original, perennial rootstock.

As it grows best in full sun it will try and cover as much ground as possible and we allow it to do so within set confines.

In part shade it will head for the nearest tree to get to more sun. So, even though it is commonly referred to as an under-story plant, it would rather not be.

Traditionally it was harvested by digging up the main tuber for food but that only works if you are happy with one meal.
We prefer to leave the main tuber and let it grow for years, harvesting the seeds every season to easily strike new plants and allowing the original to shoot new tubers from the prostrate stems as it spreads around.


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