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Peanut | Ground Nut -Seeds Arachis hypogaea, Leguminacea

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This oval leaved annual is one of those plants that people rarely consider planting in the garden.
This variety is not an heirloom variety and is called ‘Tingoora’.

Vitamin rich and happy to grow by itself with no intervention Peanut makes an excellent ground cover and moisture retainer in the garden.
The hardest thing we found getting started was finding good quality peanuts for seed.

Now it is a constant in the garden and once the food is harvested the rest of the plant is an great addition to the compost.
We plant fresh crop each year but we have seen great swathes of peanut growing as a perpetual ground cover, so that must be possible too.

Seeds are left in their pods and are best left even to sow. (10 seeds per pack)
We sow all of our peanut cops ‘in’ the pods to assure full germination.


PLEASE NOTE:¬†We can send seeds to Western Australia as they are ‘permitted s11’ but not to Tasmania.