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Pepino – Solanum muricatum, 100 potted cuttings

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These fantastic solanacea’s are so easy to grow and are so generous with their juicy and delicious fruit that I don’t understand why they are not everywhere you look.

The Pepino plant itself is a bit of a sprawler, growing naturally to about 60cm high but spreading to aprox. 1 metre.
We stake our plants up which increases the height to aprox. 1M but contains the spread a little and makes it easier to find the fruit.
The pale green fruit of Pepino is decorated with a deep magenta stripe if it ripens in the sun.
Fruit is unstriped if it ripens in the middle of the bush in the shade.
The taste is sweet like a rockmelon but with an apple texture and overtone.

All plants are struck from cuttings and well established.


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot send live plants outside Australia, to Western Australia or Tasmania.