Purple Sweet Potato Plant

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Purple Hawaiian or Japanese Sweet Potato Ipomoea batatas | Convolvulaceae

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Hawaiian or Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes have been used medicinally in Japan for treating diabetes and other modern diseases.
They have a low glycemic index compared to potatoes and it means that even carbohydrate-sensitive people and diabetics can include these good carbs in their diet.
Prepare a large enough area, at least 2-3 m2, digging it over to make it easy for the plant to send down layered roots, wherever it likes and then just wait until the tubers have formed to begin to harvest.
We leave them in the ground until we need them and then dig enough for the meal.
They cover the ground like well behaved pumpkin, creating a very pleasing matt of leaves with flowers in late Spring and Autumn.
The Hawaiian variety is white skinned, purple flesh. Just to be clear.
Potted cutting or bare tubers depending on the season.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot send live plants outside Australia, to Western Australia or Tasmania.