Sambung Nyawa Potted Plant


Gynura procumbens

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Sambung is another in the long line of Asian herbs that seems to be the victim of a bit of ‘over qualification’.
To be honest, it does not need a long list of it’s supposed medicinal values that have no science to back up the marketing claims.
It is a good food. That’s enough for now.
Very easy to grow and maintain it is tolerant of most soil types but we have found that it does best with a little protection from frost in winter and severe heat in summer.
Just like most of us, it will thrive when it’s environment is moderate.
We keep it close to the kitchen as it is so useful as fresh green added to a salad or as a spinach substitute in any cooked meal.
Simply using the new greens on a regular basis maintains a good shape and keeps it’s it’s sometimes enthusiastic growth under control.
As a side note, it is enjoyed by Chooks, Ducks and Geese and is ideal planted where they like to roam as long as you don’t intend to share it.

It will also do extremely well as a container plant with no extra care required.

These are established potted cuttings available, ready to plant out.