She chuang zi – Seeds

Cnidium is great to have in the garden as an interesting, trouble free, filler.
Cnidium’s fine, fernlike leaf and small bunches of white flowers are an aesthetic break, visually.
Cnidium seeds strike quickly and their viability is high as you would expect from their carrot like seeds.

They are not fussy about location and will self seed freely.
The leaves and seeds are both high in ‘osthole’ which give them their peculiar taste.
We have found that a decoction or tincture of Cnidium seeds is very useful when blended with a carrier cream for eczema, skin rashes and ringworm.

Cnidium has a high reputation in TCM as a preferred remedy for male infertility and impotence but we have not used it for this purpose, yet, so can only treat this anecdotally.


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