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Qing Ho Sweet Wormwood Seeds Artemisia annua

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Much included in discussions regarding malarial, parasitic and cancer cures, this lovely, fine leafed herb is beautiful to grow and very tolerant of Australian conditions.
Chinese Wormwood’s aromatic aerial parts are used as herb, in decoction or tincture form and it retains it’s vitality when hung to dry at the end of summer.
Chinese Wormwood seeds are small but easy to strike as long as you are prepared toi wait until ‘it’ is ready. It has high viability so be careful not to plant too many.
The plant grows to around 1m tall and has a nice spread but can be bullied by larger plants if not given enough room to grow.

Because the seeds are so small and indistinct we may include in the packet, some fine vermiculite to make it easier to spread onto the top of the pot.
This method works best for us.
Degree of difficulty in germination…..8/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult) Seasonal