Valerian – Seeds

Valerian is an eminently useful plant to have in the garden as well as the medicine cabinet.
It is an herbaceous perennial but although it slows down over winter, it rarely goes to ground.
The scent of the leaves, flowers and root is quite unique and not altogether unpleasant.
Valerian seeds itself well and the seeds are quite easy to strike. Once established it will spread modestly, via underground runners.
Dotted in and around the garden we have found that it improves the soil quality and once removed from an area of garden, the garden soil is much improved.
It must be remembered that Valerian root must be dried for at least one year before it is ready to use and only the root should be used, not the leaves.

Degree of difficulty in germination…..3/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult) Seasonal


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