Virginia Scullcap – Seeds


Virginia Scullcap -Seeds Scutellaria lateriflora, Labiatae, Blue Skullcap, Blue Pimpernel

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Mostly an herbaceous perennial we treat Scullcap more as a constantly recurring annual, as it becomes almost dormant for most of the winter but sprouts forth again at the first hint of Spring.
Scullcap seeds, while difficult to harvest (because the plant waits until you turn around to drop them), strike quickly and abundantly.
We have found them best suited to direct sowing and do beautifully in a large pot as well as the garden.
We use the aerial parts of Scullcap by infusion as a sedative, or just a calming down ‘cuppa’ after a stressful day.

It is often used for anxiety and nervous exhaustion as well as relief for sufferers of Rheumatism.
It is becoming widely used to help the withdrawal symptoms of anti depressants.
Small seeds – 1500 per gm.
25 fresh seeds
Degree of difficulty in germination…..8/10 (1 is easy – 10 very difficult) Seasonal