Winged Bean – Seeds

Also known as Goa bean, Asparagus Pea, Winged Pea, Four Angled Beans and Kecipir, this bean, as a native to New Guinea, will not do well in cool to cold environments.
It is best planted in early summer when the soil temperature is consistantly warm.

Make sure that you supply a sturdy ‘A’ frame or trellace for it to climb on as it’s growth rate is fast during the summer heat and it can outpace your good intentions.
The entire Winged Bean plant can be eaten at one stage or another but the young pods are the most popular form for consumption.
They add their visual pleasure to steamed or stirfried meal and are high in protein.
The flowers, which can be any shade from white to blue are delicious, as are the young leaves.
The older pods are a little on the ‘tough’ side to eat, so if you leave them a little too long, it is best to leave them alone until the pods are brown and dry and then collect the hard seed.
Winged bean seed can be ground in a coffee grinder to make a very pleasant ‘malt like’ drink.


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