Terms and Conditions

Trying to keep this real and simple for everyone, including us.

We, (Beautanicals) are the farmers who are responsible for the products that you have either purchased or are considering purchasing.
We, (Beautanicals) will always try to supply to you, the customer, with the best product that we are able to produce.
We, (Beautanicals) do not have various levels of quality and we use the same seed, plants and associated products that we sell to you.
We, (Beautanicals) will always try and inform you correctly and honestly about the product before your purchase.
If you mis-read or mis-understand the information supplied by us that led to your purchase, we cannot be held accountable.
Your percepion is something that is out of our control.

Please understand that we do expect you to have some idea of what you are buying from us.
Sowing seed out of season, planting potted plants in an inappropriate spot or having seedlings eaten by snails, rodents or insects is not something that we feel qualifies you for a replacement order.

Generally, we would prefer to refund than replace as we take our vegitation seriously and if you have killed something that we have grown, we do not want to set more plants up for certain death.
It does not matter how many friends you have to support your argument that you have done everything correctly, we know from our own first hand knowledge, that the product does what is expected of it.
Please remember that we garden for a living and even though the plant you were just reading about is ‘brand new’, if we have seeds or plants available, then we have been growing and using it for decades.

After over 30 years in business, we have probably heard every excuse possible so it is unnecessary to tell your story because, if you are unhappy with your purchase from us, we will refund the total amount of your purchase after the product is returned to us.
Beginning and end of story.
Simply email us to advise us, plainly and honestly, no need for righteous indignation or capital letters, if, we are in error we will take responsibility for it. If not, we will tell you why.

If your purchase arrives in poor condition due to crushed or bad handling, please refer your complaint to AusPost.
We try very hard to make everything as thugproof as possible but it is always possible that complete disrespect for the property of others can rear it’s ugly head.
If you have concerns about the sulking nature of some plants from the transit please follow our directions on the websites for the correct method of treatment.
That’s why we bothered to write it down online, so that you were able to be prepared.

You are responsible for the information supplied to us to complete your order.
Your addresses, both physical and email are supplied to us by yourself or your agent and we print out exactly what we get. No interpretation necessary.

As a recent survey shows, over 82% of home gardeners feel that they are above average in ability and understanding. So, having said that ‘where is Average?’ We have no clue!
We speak from the experience of having done it because our livelihood depends on it. If our crops fail, we don’t eat. Literally.
Everything we sell we have grown and if we couldn’t grow it, we don’t sell it.

We have listened over the years to what gardeners want and have tried to supply those needs but much of the information supplied in popular media is based on trend and whim and is not always reliable or in any way complete.
We have found that the world is full of wonderful foods and medicines, some better in some ways than others, but we have never come across a ‘super food’ even though we have grown many of them over the years.
Todays superfood is forgotten tomorrow when a new headline is required.
So please, if you have just seen or read about something that you simply ‘must have’ and it’s in our store, try and research it before you purchase it. We did.

Orders with an incorrect postage profile may not be processed.
If you have selected the ‘Plants’ option but have only purchased seed then your order will proceed, with our thanks.
If you have selected ‘Seeds’ because you preferred the cheaper postage option then your order cannot proceed.

We (Beautanicals) will always have your best interests at heart not only because that’s who we are, but because it would never be in our business’s best interests to do otherwise.
We are not fools or newbies to the industry, we do not speak about things that we do not know about, and we will treat you, our customers, with respect.

We expect the same in return.


Thank you for reading.
Mark and Pauline Beaumont